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Road transport company specialized in container loading, unloading, and container transportation

Road transportation is in our DNA.

Bluexpresslog is a competent and technological company. We operate in the transportation of containers/cargo in an agile and secure manner.

Our differential is to understand the real needs of our clients and provide solutions.

Road transport of
general cargo

Road transport of full or partial loads.

Cargo handling

Container loading and unloading

Loading and handling of shipments

Road transport from 
special loads

For over weight, over size, delicate loads,


About Our History and Our Value

Since we were born, almost two decades ago, the company's members have been at the forefront of logistics in Brazil.

We have experience in serving customers who are just starting with a few volumes and also large projects that last for years involving different types of loads such as over weight, over size, partial loads and more.

In logistics, there is not one company, much less just one person who knows everything or who masters all the steps. For this, it is always necessary to have good and reliable partners.

And every day we increase the list of good partners.

Through da  BLUE the customer will have access to all partners.

Our value and mission are simple and objective.

Provide service that we would like to receive as customers.



Understand the Project


Creating a Plan





We are experts in road logistics and projects; from a simple load to the most complex loads and projects. Because we treat with passion, because we love what we do and we know how to do it.


To schedule a Meeting or Call

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Phone: (11) 98227-5728

Rua Pr Januário Barbosa, 251

Vila Joaquina - Jundiai - SP 

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